VISD Leadership Academy

The Victoria Independent School District kicked off its third annual VISD Leadership Academy cohort on October 25, 2022, with over 40 VISD educators and staff members participating for the 2022-23 school year. 

VISD’s Leadership Academy is a six-month-long cohort designed to build the leadership capacity of professional employees across the district. Activities and content focus on the key categories and indicators identified in VISD’s leadership definition: Leading Toward Genius. 

VISD’s Leadership Academy supports the Talent Development findings and directions under the District Strategic Plan: 

  • We believe exceptional staff is what makes students’ success possible.

  • We believe we will become an everyone culture where everyone feels they belong.

VISD educators and staff members are encouraged and supported in Finding Their “And” while discovering their genius.

“The Leadership Academy is geared toward teachers and instructional coaches to pursue their genius in VISD,” said VISD Chief Innovation Officer Melissa Correll. “As we have created pathways for students, this is a pathway for staff to move into their next-step role in VISD.” 

During the cohort, educators and staff had the opportunity to participate in a transformational deep dive into what it means to be a leader within VISD. Participants learned about 

  • VISD’s description of leadership from the lens of their specific next-step leadership role,

  • shadow VISD leaders currently in their ideal next-step leadership role,

  • connect with current VISD leaders from all areas and departments,

  • participate in a mock interview experience to be prepared for their next-step leadership role.

The Leadership Academy is open to all current VISD professional staff employees who complete an application. An all-call for the Leadership Academy was sent out to district professional staff at the beginning of October.