Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my child can ride the bus?

Eligible bus riders are those who reside more than 2-miles from the campus they are zoned for or are within a Board approved hazardous traffic area.

Hazardous traffic areas are those that require students to walk through uncontrolled major traffic arteries, along or across a freeway or expressway, on an overpass or bridge unsafe for walking, through industrial or commercial areas or for rural school attendance zones such as Aloe and Mission Valley Elementary.

How do I set my child up for transportation?

Calling the Transportation office is the best way to set your child up for transportation services. For some programs or specific situations, contacting the child's campus or program administrator may be necessary. If you are unsure, contact the Transportation office for assistance.

Why does the bus not come by my bus stop any longer?

If students are not present at a bus stop for three consecutive days, the bus stop will be discontinued without notice to the parents. Parents must contact the Transportation Department to resume service to that stop.

Who should I call if the bus does not arrive to pick up my child on time?

Students should be waiting at their assigned bus stop at least 5-minutes before their scheduled pick-up time. If it has been ten minutes after the scheduled pick-up time, you should call the Transportation Department. Please have your child's name, bus number, campus, and stop location ready.

What are the hours of operations for the Transportation Department?

The Transportation Department is open from 5:00 am until 6:00 pm on school days.

 Is audio & video surveillance in progress?

Drivers and passengers are subject to audio and video monitoring according to Texas Education Code section 26.009(b)(1). Videotapes may be viewed by Victoria ISD employees if necessary to perform their job duties in the best interest of students. Parents are not permitted to view the tapes because it would infringe on the privacy of other students, as protected under the Family Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA). Videotapes will be strictly controlled by the Transportation Department to ensure confidentiality.

Can the driver stop at my house to pick up or drop off my child?

In most cases, this request would be considered a curbside stop. We do not offer this type of service on regular-ed bus routes.

 Who should I report my address or telephone number changes to?

The campus registrar should be contacted as soon as possible with all address and telephone number changes. The registrar will put the information into the system allowing visibility to the Transportation Department.

 Why doesn't someone call me when the school bus is running late?

Situations such as traffic, road closures, weather, vehicle breakdowns, or a late prior route can cause school buses to run late. We do not have the capabilities to call individual parents.

 How will I be notified of a change to my child's stop time, location, or bus number?

If the change in time is ten minutes or less, the driver will notify the students of the change. If there is a change in stop location or bus assignment the Transportation Department will send written notification home with the students.

I have a question regarding a bus stop location or pick-up/drop-off time. Who should I call?

Bus route information is available on Infofinder. If you do not see bus information, please contact the Transportation Department.

What if I want my child to get off at a different bus stop?

Students of all ages and grades are only allowed to get off at their assigned stop. If a student exits the bus at another stop other than their assigned stop, they will then be subject to disciplinary action.

What if my child goes to daycare or after-school care?

They must be a state-recognized child care provider, including state-recognized in-home care providers.

Students will not be approved to ride a different bus route other than what they are assigned. This assignment is determined by the destination listed at the time of registration.

All requests for students to ride the bus to a destination other than the stop that services their residence will be approved at the discretion of the Victoria ISD Transportation Department. The requested destination must be in the attendance zone for the student's campus.  

How does the bus routes work?

All bus routes are designed to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible while still meeting students' needs. When a route change is necessary that will affect pick-up/drop-off times and/or bus numbers, parents will be notified through notes handed out to students two afternoons prior to the date of the change.

Do buses enter private property and gated communities?

It is not recommended for Victoria ISD buses to operate on private property, including gated communities and apartment complexes.

Who do I contact for permission for my child to ride another bus home with a friend?

Students are not allowed to ride a bus that they are not assigned. Notes to ride another bus home with a friend are not allowed.

I cannot see the bus stop from my house. How can I get the bus stop moved closer?

Our bus stop locations are designed to be centralized for current and potential riders as well as being safely accessible by several students. By design, this will minimize the time and mileage of a route. If you have a concern about your child's safety, you are encouraged to accompany your child to the bus stop. It is safer to have several students wait at a stop versus an individual.

My child left something (jacket, phone, instrument, etc.) on the bus. How can we get it back?

The drivers must check their buses after each run. Items left on the bus by students will be held by the driver and may be claimed by the child later. Fragile, expensive items are taken off the bus in the evening for their protection, but the driver will bring them back on the bus the next morning to be claimed. If an item does not get claimed, the driver will turn it into the Transportation Department.

What happens if my child is late for the bus in the afternoon?

Due to the concern for the safety of students and the need for each bus to meet schedules at other campuses, students will not be permitted to board the buses after the bus begins moving away from the campus. Telephones are available in the main office for students who miss the bus. A student will not be allowed to get off the bus after boarding until their scheduled stop has been reached.

Why are school buses not required to be equipped with seatbelts?

Texas now requires seatbelts on all buses that are the model year 2018 or newer. Model year buses before 2018 that are not equipped with seatbelts are allowed to stay in service.

Why is my child's bus overcrowded?

School bus sizes are stated in terms of passenger capacity. It is customary for elementary-aged children to ride three (3) per seat. Every attempt will be made to limit middle school and high school students to ride two (2) per seat. Even if the bus has three (3) elementary students or two (2) middle or high school students in each seat, it will seem crowded, but it will not be over capacity. It is our goal to fully utilize all the space on all the buses in our fleet.