living career showcase

On Friday, April 29 Smith STEM Academy hosted a Living Career Showcase for its kindergarten through second-grade students. 

Students first participated in a Mentor Exhibition on April 8, where more than 20 booths of local community members were featured, speaking with students about their STEM careers and their experiences being in the STEM field.

Now, the students had the opportunity to choose one STEM career they found interesting and researched everything within that career, becoming the “expert” in that field. 

Showcasing everything from first responders and zoologists to graphic designers and doctors, students were able to share what they had learned over the past few weeks and why they wanted to go into the STEM career they chose. Many students chose to dress up as their careers as well.

“It has been great to watch our little Eagles grow with excitement and knowledge during the past few weeks,” said Tiffany Absher, Principal at Smith STEM Academy. “Like all Project-Based Learning units the students have experienced this year, this project was student-led and required 21st-century skills to be successful. All in all, this was a great way to expose students to the STEM Careers awaiting them in the future. Way to go Eagles!”