three campuses selected for CLP

Three Victoria ISD campuses have been selected to be a part of the first VISD cohort to participate in the Campus Leadership Program (CLP) through The Holdsworth Center: Aloe, Schorlemmer, and Torres Elementary. 

Campuses were required to submit a written application, participate in an interview, and be screened for eligibility to ensure the campus is ready and able to maximize this two-year leadership experience for the benefit of their school. 

"I look forward to working alongside campuses as a thought partner and coach,” said Tammy Garza, executive director of Elementary Student Learning & Talent Development. “We will work together to analyze data, identify high priority growth areas, and create systemic change to improve student outcomes."

As part of the CLP cohort, principals and their leadership teams will receive high-quality, professional training from The Holdsworth Center to develop personal leadership, grow and empower others, and create change. Leadership teams will work with 32 schools across the state who have also been selected by their district for the CLP cohort. The work will clearly define the school's vision, identify a Problem of Practice (PoP) based on data, and set actionable goals around the PoP.

In April 2021, VISD announced a five-year strategic partnership with The Holdsworth Center, an educational leadership institute with a total investment worth $6 million covered at no cost to the district through 2026. As part of cohort 3, over five years, the district works toward ensuring every school is served by an excellent principal with a focus on leadership.