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What is a VATRE?

Voters must approve any proposed increase to a school district’s Maintenance and Operations tax rate when the rate is set above the minimum established by the legislature. This type of election is called a Voter Approval Tax Rate Election or "VATRE".

If approved, the VATRE would generate approximately $4.7 million in additional annual funding for the district. Victoria ISD has identified increasing teacher and staff pay competitiveness as the primary use for the VATRE.

Why call a VATRE?

A comprehensive pay study conducted by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) in 2020 showed Victoria ISD has lost ground in competitive market pay for teachers and staff over the last several years. Competing districts with more revenue can more effectively attract and retain quality educators through higher salaries. A VATRE would be used to increase teacher and staff compensation.

Victoria ISD has never held a VATRE.

Tax impact?

If the VATRE is approved by voters in November, the M&O total tax rate will still decrease by more than 2 cents.

M&O tax rate graph