VISD Choice Schools


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Victoria ISD Choice Schools and Programs 

Families and their children can choose from Victoria’s various unique academic programs known as Choice Schools and Choice Programs from throughout the district. Each Choice School or Program provides students the support they need in their areas of interest and offers extracurricular activities.

Choice Schools are open to Victoria ISD students who live within the district, but they must apply. A lottery will be conducted if more students than the available seats apply for the Choice School. 

Why choose Choice Schools? — A Best-Fit School for Your Child 

All children are unique. Each learns in different ways, aspires to different careers, has his/her own genius, and is interested in different subjects. The more options that suit a student’s interests, the better for the student. The district believes that if all students can attend a high-quality school that matches their interests, they will achieve their academic potential. 

Educators at Choice Schools can motivate students to engage intellectually in a more meaningful and intense way by focusing on their specific interests, aspirations, and preferred learning styles. Every student has access to the tools they need and the educational experience they need to graduate prepared to succeed in college, the professional world, and life. 

Hopkins Elementary | O'Conner Elementary I Patti Welder Middle School | Shields Elementary | STEM Middle School | Smith STEM Academy

Our Vision: "Every Child, Every Classroom, Every Day" - Achieving Excellence For All!