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What is Designing Our Future?

“Designing our Future.”

These words were first spoken during our strategic planning meetings in 2019. At that time, the strategic planning task force was reviewing information learned as a result of Dr. Shepherd’s Listening & Learning Tour that took place shortly after his arrival. As the task force reviewed this information we began to envision big goals, big ideas, big hopes, and big dreams for our schools, our staff, and our students. Designing our Future became our call to action. It is the recognition that our future can either happen to us, or we can choose to co-author a future together. Designing our Future is something that will never end, as we are constantly adapting and evolving our goals and strategies to best meet the needs of our community, our staff, and our students.

Designing Our Future Task Force Members

Review the document below to see the full list of VISD Task Force Members.

DOF Task Force Members, 2019-2020

Big Goals. Big Ideas. Big Hopes. Big Dreams