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The ACE Initiative focuses on accelerating campus excellence.  This educational model has five core pillars: effective leaders and teachers, an expectation of instructional excellence, character development, extra academic support with an extended school day, after-school enrichment, and evening meals.  ACE cultivates life-long learners, confident in their knowledge of academic and social problem-solving strategies, to empower them to successfully adapt and contribute to an ever-changing world. 

Available at O'Connor Elementary

Personalized Learning is an educational model in which a student learns at least in part through online learning using computer-adaptive software with some control over time, place, path, pace, and modalities of learning paired with teacher-led classroom activities to create an integrated customized learning experience.

Available at Shields ElementaryHopkins Elementary, and Patti Welder Middle School

CLI Early Education Center at F.W. Gross is a collaboration with Children’s Learning Institute (CLI) at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.  This early education center is focused on building family relationships, using high-quality curriculum resources, fostering meaningful literacy, and developing teacher talent to serve our very youngest students in VISD.

Available at CLI Early Education Center at F.W. Gross

P-TECH represents a series of pathways available to students interested in exploring Healthcare, Computer Science, and Education and Training.  Each pathway partners with a Texas Institution of Higher Education and regional businesses/industries to offer interested students an opportunity to complete an aligned sequence of college courses and work-based learning experiences while in high school at no cost to families.  

Available at Victoria East and Victoria West High School

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education is an educational instructional model that fosters design-based thinking while supporting fluid, flexible, creative, and innovative problem solving that is the basis for the 21st Century Workforce skills.  

Available at Smith STEM Elementary and Stroman STEM Academy

More Information:

Innovation Pathways Information Sheet

Victoria ISD is committed to offering CHOICE to students, parents, and teachers.