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**Transfer applications for the 2020-2021 school year are no longer being accepted.**
The application window closed on September 18

Student Transfers for 2020-2021

A student who resides in VISD and desires admission into a school other than his/her "home," "neighborhood" or "attendance-zoned" campus (i.e. intra-district transfer) OR a student who does not reside within the Victoria ISD area (i.e. out-of-district transfer) and would like to attend a VISD school must file an application for transfer with the Office of Student Services. For all student transfer information, requirements, timelines, types, etc., please reference regulation FDB-R
Transfer Application Requirements and Timelines
Transfer applications will be accepted from May 1 through May 15. If May 15 falls on a weekend, then applications will be accepted on the following Monday. Applications will be available to fill out online (except for special types of transfer requests which require that the application be printed).
The transfer application (and any required documentation) must be submitted by May 15 (5pm if hand-delivering) to the VISD Office of Student Services via:
  • online submission,
  • email
  • fax (361-788-9233),
  • mail (P.O. Box 1759, Victoria, TX 77902) or
  • hand-delivery (102 Profit Drive, Rm. #170).
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to confirm that the emailed, faxed or mailed application has been received in the Office of Student Services by the May 15 deadline. Completed transfer application forms should not be returned to the campus. Transfer requests for the upcoming school year are only accepted between May 1 and May 15. If a transfer application is submitted by the May 15 deadline, parent notification of transfer approval or denial occurs approximately the:
  • Middle of July for students entering grades PK-5
  • 2nd full week of June for students entering grades 6-12
Students granted a transfer before school begins must attend class at the requested campus on the first day of school or the transfer will be voided (absent extenuating circumstances).
Transfer Applications for 2020-2021 School Year
Click on the categories below for more information:
8 Basic Transfers:
  1. Employee’s Child(ren)
  2. Sibling
  3. Administrative
  4. Senior Year (12th graders only)
  5. Physical/Psychological
  6. Anticipated Move
  7. Program (ex. ACE @ O’Connor)
  8. Out-of-District (only for students who do NOT live within Victoria ISD boundary. Must provide current proof of address initially and annually thereafter)
There are also 3 special types of transfers available but these cannot be applied for using the online transfer application.
Instead, please print the student transfer application above or call the Office of Student Services at 788-9250 for more information or for assistance with applying for one of these special transfers:
  1. District Rezoning — ONLY available May 1-15 prior to the school year that new attendance zones take effect
  2. PEG (Public Education Grant) — application open year round but is dependent on space availability
  3. Unsafe School Choice Option (USCO) — application open year round but criteria (defined by the Texas Education Agency) must be met to request this transfer type.

Transportation will be the responsibility of the parent except as otherwise noted by state law, District policy or Board action

If a student requests a transfer to a different high school other than his/her own campus after beginning the freshman year, he/she is not eligible to participate in any UIL varsity activity until he/she has been enrolled in and regularly attended that school for a minimum of one full calendar year (365 days) or as determined by District UIL Eligibility Committee. UIL varsity activities will include all varsity athletics, extra-curricular teams and squads, marching/concert band contest, choir competitions, academic competitions and solo/ensemble competitions. If a change in residence is made, the student will not be eligible to participate in any UIL varsity activity until he/she has been enrolled in and regularly attended classes at that school for fifteen (15) calendar days. All issues of eligibility are subject to UIL authority and District regulations.

Possible reasons for denial of any initial transfer request include, but shall not be limited to (* indicates not applicable to PEG & USCO transfer requests):
  1. Online registration has not been submitted by the parent/guardian
  2. Space/staffing:
    a) no space available in the program or at the campus,
    b) growth rate of the campus, or
    c) requires employment of additional staff
  3. *Academics: student did not/is not passing all classes
  4. *Attendance: student has
    a) unexcused absences on 3 full days or parts of days,
    b) excused absences equal to or greater than 5% of the total days/periods during which a student has been enrolled,
  5. *Tardies: student has incurred excessive unexcused tardies defined as late:
    a) on 5 or more days (elementary)
    b) for 5 or more class periods (secondary)
  6. *Discipline: student
    a) has been suspended, expelled, or placed in DAEP,
    b) has incurred 2 or more discipline referrals,
    c) wishes to avoid disciplinary action at his/her current school, or
    d) has engaged in delinquent conduct or has been convicted of a criminal offense and is on probation or other conditional release
  7. UIL violation: the transfer is for the purpose of participating in an extra-curricular activity at the requested campus
  8. Falsification of information on school documents
  9. *Revocation of a previous transfer
  10. Does not meet criteria for type of transfer requested
  11. Any other condition the Superintendent deems necessary or appropriate.

If a student’s transfer request is denied by the District’s transfer committee, the parent/guardian may submit a written appeal and include further documentation to support the rationale of the appeal’s request. Phone or verbal appeals will not be accepted or considered. An appeal should state why the transfer should be reconsidered and must be filed within ten (10) district business days of the date on the District’s transfer denial letter. The appeal will be reviewed within ten (10) district business days of receipt if at all possible. If the transfer committee’s original decision remains unchanged, no formal written communication will be sent to the parent/guardian. If the denial is overturned by the Appeal Committee, the parent/guardian will receive written communication. All appeal decisions are final.