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Withdrawing a Student

A student under age 18 may be withdrawn from school only by a parent. The school requests notice from the parent at least three days in advance so that records and documents may be prepared. The parent may obtain a withdrawal form from the principal's office. 
On the student's last day, the withdrawal form must be presented to the:
    • Teachers for current grade averages and book and equipment clearance
    • Librarian to ensure a clear library records
    • Clinic for health records
    • School counselor for the last report card and course clearance
    • Principal
A copy of the withdrawal form will be given to the student, and a copy will be placed in the student's permanent record.
A student who is age 18 or older, who is married or who has been declared by a court to be emancipated minor may withdraw without parental signature in some cases, but the parent/guardian who enrolled the student may still be contacted regarding the student's request to withdrawal. 

Students who move out of the District when school is not in session and need to withdraw from school should contact the Student Services Office at 361-788-9250.