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Dropout Prevention

Dropping out of school is a process and does not occur overnight.  There are many factors that put a student at risk for dropping out of school. Many times not all of the risk factors apply to all students. However, research has consistently indicated the following risk factors as variables that lead to a student dropping out of school:

  • Lack of parent engagement
  • Poor academic performance
  • Excessive absences
  • Work/family economic needs
  • Lack of a supportive adult
  • Disconnect between school academics and work
  • Not enough individualized attention
  • Low student engagement

Unfortunately, students who decide to leave high school without the skills and credentials they need to become successful, productive members of society typically face many struggles in the future as a result of leaving school prematurely. All personnel in the Victoria ISD work together to discourage and prevent high school students from dropping out.  Should you notice one or more of the following warning signs in a student, please get involved!

  • Regularly misses school and is frequently tardy
  • Feels like they do not fit in or do not have friends at school
  • Talks about peers or siblings who have dropped out of school
  • Has drug, alcohol, or mental health problems
  • Does not feel challenged in school
  • Does not feel high educational expectation from either their family or school
  • Frequently spends time at a DAEP

If, after various interventions have been implemented, the student continues to experience difficulty, VISD school personnel will meet with the student to discuss his/her educational needs and how to best address those needs so that graduation is possible!

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact:    

Becca Garcia
District Truancy Prevention Coordinator
Phone: 361.788.9232
Fax: 361.652.6086