Victoria Independent School District

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Attendance Zones

What school should my child attend?

Students entering elementary, middle, or high school shall be assigned to the campus that serves the school zone in which their parent/legal guardian resides or in which the student resides as an unaccompanied youth. Exceptions to this campus assignment requirement are made when the student is assigned to another school through the enrollment capping procedure, special program placement, for disciplinary reasons, or when the student is approved for an intra-district transfer or other legally required assignment.  Reference FDB(Local)


Campus Location Map

map of instructional sites within the victoria independent school district

Attendance Zone Maps

example image of an attendance zone map

To find which schools serve your residence, use the online “Attendance Zone Maps” below:

Questions? Please call the Office of Student Services at 361-788-9250.

How To Find Your Address On The Map

  1. Click on appropriate attendance zone map: “Elementary Schools” or “Middle Schools” or "High Schools" map.
  2. Click on “Find Address” and then TYPE IN YOUR RESIDENTIAL STREET ADDRESS in the box that appears.
  3. Next, click “Find Address.” A house will appear on the map. To zoom-in on the house, double-click on the house.
Please Note: Results provided here are for informational purposes. Final student placement is verified by the campus registrar.
If the “Attendance Zone Map” does not pull up your home address OR to report an error, please call the Office of Student Services at 788-9250.