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State & Federal Programs

Michelle Yates Director of Federal Programs
Michelle Yates
Director of State & Federal Programs 
Phone: 361-788-9294 ext. 41116
jessica jimenez
Jessica Jimenez
State & Federal Programs Secretary
Phone: 361-788-9294 ext. 41115
Tiffany Barefield
Tiffany Barefield
State & Federal Programs Clerk
Phone: 361-788-9294 ext. 41126


Through collaborations with campuses, VISD departments, families and community organizations, the Victoria ISD State and Federal Programs Department is committed to enriching the education of VISD students. The major initiatives of the department include:

Title I Campus Programs
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Interventionists and Enrichment Specialists
  • Parent & Family Engagement
Title I and Title II Professional Development Initiatives
  • Instructional Coaches
  • Consultants and Trainers
  • Conferences and Special Events
  • Professional Learning Communities
Early Childhood Programs
  • Parents as Teachers
  • VISD Prekindergarten
Family & KIDZConnection Center
  • Parent Resource Room & Toddler Time
  • Homeless Services
  • Foster Care Services

Department staff members work closely with campuses and district staff to utilize the following funding sources to enhance instruction in the district through federal grants:

Title I, Part A: The purpose of Title I, A funding is to provide additional resources to schools to ensure that all children are provided a high quality education that will enable them to exceed performance standards. Fourteen VISD campuses and three private schools (Nazareth Academy, Our Lady of Victory, and The Vine School) within the VISD currently receive Title I, Part A funds.
Title I, Part D: Title I, D funds are utilized to supplement educational programs for students residing at the Victoria Regional Juvenile Justice Center. The Juvenile Justice Center (JJC) Transition Mentor facilitates the successful transition of delinquent youth entering, between, or out of secure settings to support education or employment.
Title II, Part A: Funds awarded under Title II, Part A are utilized to provide high quality professional development and support for all VISD principals and teachers. Five private schools are also supported by these federal funds (Faith Academy, Nazareth Academy, Our Lady of Victory, St. Joseph High School, and The Vine School).
Title III, Part A: Title III, Part A provides supplemental resources to ensure that children who are English language learners (ELLs), also identified in statute as limited English proficient (LEP), attain English proficiency at high levels in core academic subjects to meet state mandated achievement performance standards.
Title IV, Part A: The goal of Title IV, Part A is to provide all students access to a well rounded education, improve academic outcomes by maintaining safe and healthy students, and improve the use of technology to advance student academic achievement. Five private schools are also supported by these federal funds (Faith Academy, Nazareth Academy, Our Lady of Victory, St. Joseph High School, and The Vine School).

State Compensatory Education:


The goal of the State Compensatory Education Program (State Comp. Ed., Comp, Ed., SCE) is to provide funding to reduce disparity in performance on assessment instruments or disparity in the rates of high school completion between educationally disadvantaged students, at-risk students, and all other students. The purpose of the SCE program is to increase academic achievement and reduce the dropout rate for these students by providing supplemental programs and services.

Victoria ISD identifies students as At-Risk if they qualify under one of the 14 statewide indicators.
The following At-Risk services are planned to be offered on campuses: 
  • Juvenile Justice Center provides the education for youth in short term detention or long term placement imposed through the Texas Youth Commission
  • Liberty Academy Credit Recovery supports students who are behind in credits required for graduation
  • District Alternative Education Placement (DAEP) provides behavior modification supports along with focused academic instruction and supports transitioning back onto the campus
  • Project Success Program for students qualifying as McKinney-Vento to monitor student performance on state assessments, graduation rates, attendance, retention rates and withdrawals
  • Pregnancy Related Services Program supports students as they adjust mentally, physically and academically
  • Prekindergarten builds a strong School Ready foundation
  • Project Success Mentors champion students experiencing homelessness
  • Student Success Program provides resources for At-Risk students experiencing attendance concerns
  • Targeted Interventions for students not meeting readiness and supporting standards on district common assessments
  • Courses for students recovering course credits
  • Intervention courses for students not meeting readiness and supporting standards
  • Host Program at Hopkins Elementary promotes supportive home environments thus aiding student academic success
  • ACE Program at O’Connor Elementary provides extended day academic supports
  • Social Emotional Behavioral Specialists at nine campuses support the whole child to be academically successful
  • Professional Development in serving At-Risk Students
  • A.V.I.D. program implementation
  • Student performance monitoring
  • Summer instruction for students needing to recover credits/state assessment remediation


State Compensatory Education Campus Contacts:


Aloe Elementary

Kristina Hurley, Principal


Chandler Elementary
Melanie Steed, Principal
Crain Elementary

Renee Harper, Principal


Deleon Elementary
Jennifer McIntyre, Assistant Principal
Dudley Elementary

Steve Carroll, Principal


Hopkins Elementary
Leandra Hill, Principal
Mission Valley Elementary

Eric Amsler, Principal


O’Connor Elementary
Ericka Barr, Assistant Principal
Rowland Elementary

Tammy Garza, Principal


Schorlemmer Elementary
Michelle Sturm, Assistant Principal
Shields Elementary

Kelly Gabrysch, Principal


Smith Elementary
Michelle Graves, Principal
Torres Elementary

Crystal Rice, Principal


Vickers Elementary
Yasmina St. Jean, Assistant Principal
Cade Middle School

Genevieve Beyer, Instructional Coach


Howell Middle School
Jo Beth Jones, Principal
Patti Welder Middle School

Natalie Abrameit, Principal


Stroman Middle School
Kileigh Eblen, Instructional Coach
Victoria East High School

Suzann Craeger, Assistant Principal


Victoria West High School
Heather Mascorro, Assistant Principal
Liberty Elem/Sec DAEP
Christopher Henk, Dean of Operations
Victoria Regional JJC
Treysi Delon-Diaz, Transition Mentor