Victoria Independent School District

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Share Your Thoughts

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Dr. Shepherd is kicking off his "Listening & Learning" tour this fall. As he meets with individuals and groups within the Victoria Community, he wants to make sure he provides everyone the opportunity to voice their thoughts about the district. Using this digital tool, you will be able to provide your feedback about VISD and read/rate others' thoughts and suggestions.
Here is what you need to do:
  1. Follow this link to get to access the most current Thoughtexchange
  2. Share some demographic info (don’t worry, we won’t ask for your name, so it is completely anonymous!)
  3. Share some thoughts about the district
  4. Read some thoughts of others and give them “stars”
  5. Check back on the link in the next few weeks. As more people add thoughts you can star them as well. 
Thank you for participating!

How Do I Submit a Thought?

An exchange has 3 simple steps: Share, Star, and Discover.

thought exchange 3 steps info graphic

  • Share - share your thoughts to open-ended questions, independently and confidentially
  • Star - read thoughts shared by you and other participants, and rate each one out of 5 stars
  • Discover - learn what matters to the group by exploring the thoughts and how they were rated (You can learn more about interpreting the results here)

These 3 steps together bring structure to the conversation. People share their thoughts, rate the thoughts of others, and learn what matters to the group.  It’s fast, effective, and fun!