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Hurricane Harvey Recovery

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Hurricane Relief Tax Increase Update

Victoria ISD has been approved for additional hurricane-related reimbursements, affecting the proposed hurricane relief tax rate increase.
Throughout the past several weeks, we have strived to be open, honest and transparent with our community during the budget planning process and how that is impacted by a delay in Hurricane Harvey reimbursements. In the last week, Victoria ISD received confirmation that a combined total of $1,135,000 in additional reimbursements have been approved by insurance, FEMA and the US Department of Education to the District. Although the monies are "not in hand," we do feel confident they will be received by the District shortly.
Initially, a proposal was made for the Board of Trustees to approve a one-year increase of $0.13 to the maintenance and operations (M&O) tax rate to offset the lag in reimbursements. True to our word to be fiscally responsible, and considering the new approvals, we will be recommending to the Board of Trustees a lower tax increase at $0.11, for one year only. This will be made at the August 23, 2018 Board meeting.
We recognize a tax increase of any amount is a burden to our community and we do not make the recommendation lightly as we continue to offer a premier education for "every child, every classroom, every day." We genuinely appreciate all community members who have participated in this dialogue, regardless of whether you have joined us in person at the forums, online through FaceBook Live, or through the exchange survey.
Roy T. Bennett wrote “Integrity is doing the right thing when nobody's watching and doing as you say you would do.” We have told our community we will be straightforward and candid throughout this process and we continue to thank you for being an active participant in this dialogue. Thank you for your understanding in this changing financial landscape. 

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As of August 9, 2018, VISD has encumbered $5,991,134 in damages due to Hurricane Harvey. VISD has received a $1,325,000 reimbursement from insurance and a $219,207 reimbursement from FEMA.
Our goal is to become 100% debt free from the amount spent on Hurricane Harvey recovery. 
Stay tuned for continuous updates! #OurFutureIsBright
aloe elementary staff members, visd superintendent dr. shepherd, and visd board members participate in a ribbon cutting ceremony to celebrate the remodeling of aloe elementary from hurricane harvey damage
Aloe Elementary held a ribbon cutting to open the renovated classrooms, which were damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Nearly a year later, teachers are moving back in and preparing for their students to return in a few weeks. #VISDProud #OurFutureIsBright
hopkins elementary staff members accept donations from hurricane harvey relief
Hopkins Elementary was ecstatic to receive so many wonderful resources from SouthWest ISD. Jesse Garcia, Selina Madrigal, Johnny Tejada, and Roy Renterin brought Principal Leandra Hill and Assistant Principal Tiffany Absher, supplies for students, teachers and families.
Victoria Rotary Club members with Hopkins Elementary Principal and Assistant Principal, and VISD Superintendent.

Members of the Victoria Rotary Club presented a $3,000 donation to Hopkins Elementary to assist with roof repairs in the campus library.

Pictured L to R: Adam Mahan (Victoria Rotary Club Board Member), Tiffany Absher (Hopkins Asst Principal), Leandra Hill (Hopkins Principal), JJ Craig (Victoria Rotary Club President), Dr. Robert Jaklich (VISD Superintendent)

What AMAZING community members we have!

Members of the Victoria Rotary presented $5,000 in gifts to Aloe Elementary, Dudley Elementary and F.W. Gross Elementary, totaling to a grand donation of $15,000. Thank you so much Victoria Rotary for your incredible generosity! #VISDProud

This weekend, Brentwood Elementary in Austin, Texas, collected items for elementary school students and their families!
This effort was led by Mrs. Angela Morton parent of a kindergarten student attending Brentwood Elementary. She shared these items with her sister in Victoria and that led to a drive to collect items in the Woodway neighborhood.
This drive was led by Dr. Ryan and Leslie Mikus. They collected a truck load of items including food, cleaning items, clothing, backpacks, bedding and school supplies along with $260 dollars to be used to assist students and their families.
The VISD and Family Connection Center thank you for your generosity!! #VISDProud
VISD received a van and a small trailer load of school supplies, cleaning supplies and water from San Angelo ISD and San Angelo HEB. These items were distributed to F.W. Gross and Guadalupe. Catie Wiekenhoffer, our fabulous radKIDS instructor, and contact helped to collect these items and drove them herself from San Angelo.