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Teen Parent Connection Center

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Teen Parent Connection Center


Physical Address: 2905 Miori Lane, Victoria, TX 77901
Mailing Address: 102 Profit Dr. - P.O. Box 1759, Victoria, TX 77902
een Parent Connection Center Phone: 361.788.9653
Federal Programs Office Phone: 361.788.9294
Fax: 361.788.2894

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The Teen Parent Connection Center enables student-parents to complete their educational goals by providing a safe, nurturing, and supportive environment for the child and parent. At our center we will strive to create a unique partnership with our teen parents so that a strong foundation is built for the child's early development.

Center Hours
Monday - Friday  7:45 am to 5:00 pm

Teen Parent Connection Center is proud to be a 4-Star Texas Rising Star facility. 

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carol dippel teen parent connection cneter director
Carol Dippel
Teen Parent Connection Center Director
rebecca orta, on site director
Rebecca Orta
On-site Director
mary orta, teen parent connection center assistant
Mary Orta
Teen Parent Connection Center Assistant
sara benitez, caregiver
Sara Benitez
Alice Gutierrez Caregiver
Alice Gutierrez
rosie reyes, caregiver
Rosie Reyes
leticia kimbro, caregiver
Leticia Kimbro
juan godinez, bus driver
Juan Godinez
Bus Driver

Mission Statement

The Teen Parent Connection Center's mission is to provide a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate program for the children in our care, thus enabling their parents the opportunity to attend school to achieve their high school diploma.



  • Work in partnership with our teen families for their child's development and their own educational goals
  • Support respectful and honest communication between the parent, caregivers, and system staff
  • Deliver an individualized education program designed to build a strong foundation for the child's early development
  • Facilitate the professional growth of each caregiver and director with appropriate trainings for a quality Center


The First Three Years of a child's life…

represent a critical time in your child's development. These early experiences serve as the foundation for all future learning. Infants and toddlers learn about themselves, others, and the world around them through their daily experiences. Positive relationships with caring adults will assure their healthy development. Our providers nurture your child in a safe and supportive environment that encourages exploration and play. They understand that responsive care is not only comforting for an infant but is crucial to healthy development. Our classroom settings provide your child with the luxury of unhurried time that will give your child the opportunity to develop fully and will ensure his/her future success.


We Offer:

  • Services for VISD student's children 4 weeks through 2 years of age
  • A licensed Child Care facility through the State of Texas
  • Nutritious meals and snacks
  • Trained responsive caregivers
  • A safe environment
  • A developmentally appropriate curriculum
  • Small, mixed age groups


Pregnancy Related Services

 judi tillison, teen parent clerk and parent educator

Judi Tillison
Teen Parent Clerk/Parent Educator
Phone: 361.788.9673

Pregnancy Related Services are support services, including Compulsory Education Home Instruction (CEHI), that a pregnant student receives during the pregnancy prenatal and postpartum periods to help her adjust academically, mentally, and physically and stay in school.

VISD Family Connection provides these services to a student when:

  • the student is pregnant and attending classes on a VISD campus;
  • the pregnancy prenatal period prevents the student from attending classes on a VISD campus; and
  • the pregnancy postpartum period prevents the student from attending classes on a VISD campus.

Support services provided by VISD Family Connection and the student’s campus may

  • counseling services including the initial session when the student discloses the pregnancy;
  • health services including services from a school nurse and certified athletic trainer;
  • transportation for the student and the student’s child(ren) to school and VISD Child Development Center;
  • instruction (inside and outside the classroom) related to parenting knowledge and skills,
    including child development, home and family living, and appropriate job readiness
  • child care for student’s children from 4 weeks to 24 months at the Teen Parent Connection Center;
  • case management and service coordination (assistance in obtaining services from government agencies and community service organizations).
Compulsory Education Home Instruction (CEHI)
CEHI is a mandatory support service components districts offer in the Pregnancy Related Services (PRS) program to help students adjust academically, mentally and physically, and to stay in school. 
Eligibility for Services - Any school-age student who is in the prenatal or postpartum period of pregnancy. This includes students who
  • deliver live, aborted or stillborn baby
  • suffer a miscarriage or leath of a newborn or
  • place a baby up for adoption
Eligibility for Funding - Students who are eligible for average daily attendance (ADA) and who are eligible for PRS Program services are eligible for funding under the PRS program beginning on the dates services begin. 
End of Eligibility - Eligibility for PRS ends when the student returns from postpartum confinement to resume her regular classes at a school campus.

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