Victoria Independent School District

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graphic of a light bulb representing the advanced academicsAdvanced Academics
graphic of a star representing the assessment and accountability department
Assessment & Accountability 
graphic of a football representing the athletics department
graphic of a globe representing the bilingual/esl departmentBilingual/ESL
graphic of a calculator representing the business & finance department
Business & Finance
graphic of a packaging box representing the central supply department
Central Supply
graphic of a certification representing career and technical education
Career & Technical Education
graphic of an apple representing the child nutrition department
Child Nutrition
 graphic of a megaphone representing the communications department
 graphic of a conversation bubbles representing the counseling department
 graphic of a graduation cap representing the curriculum, instruction and accountability department
Curriculum, Instruction, 
& Accountability 
 graphic of a piggy bank representing the employee benefits department
Employee Benefits 
graphic of a school building representing the federal programs department Federal Programs
graphic of a cinema representing the fine arts department 
Fine Arts
graphic of a heart representing the health services department 
Health Services
graphic of a briefcase representing the human resources department
Human Resources
graphic of a computer representing the instructional technology departmentInstructional Technology
graphic of clouds and a sun representing INVISTA wetlands 
INVISTA Wetlands
graphic of mechanical gears representing the maintenance department
graphic of pencils representing the special education department
Special Education 
graphic of students representing the student services department
Student Services
graphic of a wifi signal representing the technology department
graphic of a school bus representing the transportation department