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Jaime Schrade, Elementary District Curriculum Coordinator of Math

Jaime Schrade

Elementary District Curriculum Coordinator

102 Profit Drive

Victoria, TX 77902

Phone: 361.788.2890 ext. 41119


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Susan Johnson , M.Ed. Secondary District Curriculum Coordinator of Math

Susan Johnson, M.Ed.

Secondary District Curriculum Coordinator

102 Profit Drive

Victoria, TX 77902

Phone: 361.788.9289 ext. 40206


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VISD Math Philosophy


Mission Statement: 
Each VISD teacher of mathematics will create a classroom environment in which students will make sense of mathematics and acquire confidence in using it.  Through the VISD Mathematics Program, students will understand mathematics and be able to use it in purposeful ways.


As educators in VISD, we believe in a guaranteed and viable mathematics curriculum which is vertically and horizontally aligned PK – 12 and is implemented with fidelity across the district.

We are committed to:

  • utilizing a curriculum which supports learning through exploration and solving real-world problems and allows students to construct meaning and make sense of learning mathematics.
  • challenging our students to communicate their processes for solving math problems using correct academic vocabulary and to make connections that allow them to own and value learning mathematics.
  • engaging students using resources, tools, and technology to solve mathematically rich, real-world problems that meet the needs of a diverse population of learners.
  • developing *numeracy in students through a deep understanding of mathematical relationships to empower them to interact with numbers flexibly, accurately and efficiently.


* The components of numeracy include flexibility, automaticity**, creativity, sophistication, efficiency, accuracy and mental, alternative and traditional algorithms (horizontal and vertical).


**Automaticity is the ability to do things without occupying the mind with the low-level details required, allowing it to become an automatic response pattern or habit. It is usually the result of learningrepetition, and practice.


To access curriculum resources, please log on to Webnet with your VISD credentials (the username and password that you use to log on to any district computer). Webnet can be found listed under the "Staff" tab on the navigation bar above. Once you are logged into Webnet, click "My Files". Then, click on the "Elementary Curriculum" or “Secondary Curriculum” folder listed on the left side to access your resources. 

For additional information on how to log-in, please look for an email from the Director of Technology, Samantha Schulte, sent on July 13, 2017.

If you need further assistance locating these resources, please contact your campus technician.