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Online Learning Updates

Remote Education
Remote Instruction for all students begins on Monday, March 30, 2020.

Students were provided a packet of information for learning the week of March 23-27, either through drive thru pick up at the campus or by mail. Included in the packet was information on teacher and campus contacts, as well as communication tools that will be used by the teacher. If a mailed packet was returned to the school because of an incorrect address, teachers are contacting the parents. 
Campuses have prepared 3 week learning packets. Packets contain a variety of activities including student choice boards that allow learning preferences and that can be completed online or in paper pencil format. Their assignments can be turned in either by scanning or taking a picture of the assignment and emailing or through an online method as instructed by the teacher. Questions or concerns about assignments or student progress can be addressed by contacting the student’s teacher.
Middle and High School:
Students will communicate with their teachers through the Microsoft Teams app. This app will allow students to be in all their classes virtually. Students will use their VISD email logins to access through any type of internet supported device. Teachers will be providing choices for students to submit their assignments.  Since students and teachers alike are learning the TEAMS software, all students will have the first two weeks to complete the first week of assignments.
Guardians and students can call 361-788-2828 if they need assistance with their password to their student email account.
Special Services:
Students currently receiving GT, 504, Dyslexia or Special Education services will continue to receive those services.
Office Hours:
All teachers Elementary, Middle and High School will have remote office hours from 9-11 and 1-3 each day Monday - Friday. They can be reached by email or through virtual sites that have been communicated from their teacher such as TEAMS, SeeSaw, Class Dojo or Remind.

We ask for your patience as we transition our learning environments to remote formats.  Administrators, teachers and students are all learning to use technology and communication in ways we have not experienced before.  We are both excited to be able to stay in contact with our students and parents and fearful as we learn and chart new waters!


What thoughts and questions do you have for Victoria ISD after this update?


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Elementary Packet Distribution

All elementary campuses are preparing Learning Packets for students enrolled in grades PK-5. Each child will receive a large clasp envelope containing the following:

  • 3 Choice/Menu Boards (1 for each week for the next 3 weeks for a total of 12 Menu Boards) in the areas of:
    • Reading Language Arts
    • Math
    • Science /Social Studies
    • PE / Music /Arts
  • Login information for the Imagine Learning programs
  • Consumable textbooks (Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies)
  • Information about family services including:
    • Food distribution
    • Technology hotline
    • Community hotline
    • Campus contact information
    • Counseling and SEL info
Dates & Times for Packet Distribution:
Thursday, March 26th  from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Friday, March 27th from 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.
Distribution Protocol:

All packets will be distributed using a “drive-through” protocol.  Families will remain in their vehicles and appropriate packets will be handed to them.


School Supplies:
Basic school supplies will be available. If parents are in need of supplies, they can contact the parent liaison prior to picking up their packets, and we will make sure they get some in their child’s packet when they pick it up.


Technology Resources:
If you are in need of a device and/or internet access for your child during remote learning, visit the Technology Updates page.

Secondary Student Packet Distribution
The VISD Secondary Curriculum Team has mailed of learning packets for middle school and high school students.
Secondary Student Assignment Submissions
Thank you for your flexibility and patience during this time as we move to virtual learning. We understand that some of you have devices and internet access while many others are still waiting to pick up your devices.
Teachers have created assignments and due dates in Microsoft Teams to help students stay on track with learning. For students who are still waiting on a device, assignments will be extended to accommodate these students. One of the benefits of using Microsoft Teams is that it works well for individuals who have a cell phone.
A desktop or laptop is not required to participate in Teams and complete class assignments.​Rest assured that we are in this together and want to work with you and your students!
Technology Resources:
If you are in need of a device and/or internet access for your child during remote learning, visit the Technology Updates page.
Philosophical Premises:
  • We understand this global pandemic has had overwhelming impacts on all of our families and we want to extend grace to students during this time of crisis.
  • We understand that this shift to remote learning has impacted the instructional integrity and the integrity of our grading system.
  • We understand that students have varying levels of support and instructional resources at home.
  • Grading Guidelines:
  • Teachers will assign 3-5 assignments per week for each class/content area, with 1-3 of those assignments graded.
  • All grades will be equally weighted and recorded in the district gradebook system.
  • Teachers will record grades weekly in the gradebook for student monitoring. If a student is not passing, a teacher will make a personal contact with the student and their parent and will record in a contact log circumstances related to grade progress. Teachers will follow up this failing progress report with an email or letter mailed home to the parent.
  • All assignments will have a one-week timeframe to complete / turn-in. If circumstances related to access or other COVID 19 issues prohibit the students from turning in their assignment, the timeframe may be extended.
  • There will be no final exams for high school courses or end of year screener/assessment this semester. 
  • The 4th 9wk average will not negatively impact student averages/GPA if a student attempts to participate and complete the work. A student must attempt at a minimum 60% of assigned work. The 2020 spring semester average will be determined by the 3rd nine-week grade and the higher of the 3rd or 4th nine-week grade in most situations.  *See chart below
Spring Semester Hold-Harmless Averaging Examples
  3rd 9-wks Grade 4th 9-wks Grade Semester Grade
Example 1Does better the 4th 9wks 80 90 (80+90) / 2 = 85% Final Semester Grade
Example 2Does better the 3rd 9wks 84 74 (84+84) / 2 = 84% Final Semester Grade(4th 9wks is not used in calculation)
Example 3Fails the 4th 9wks 75 65 (75+75) / 2 = 75% Final Semester Grade(4th 9wks is not used in calculation)
Example 4Does better the 4th 9wks 60 80 (60+80) / 2 = 70% Final Semester Grade
Example 5Student didn’t make a valid attempt at 4th 9wks 80 40 Student did not make a valid attempt to participate / complete work (min of 60%) (80+40) / 2 = 60% Final Semester Grade
Example 6Student failed both 9wks 50 50 Student does not earn credit for the spring semester

Why Not Use Pass / Fail?
  • Pass/Fail does not provide all students with the opportunity to raise their overall semester average/GPA by being engaged in their learning this 4th nine-week grading period, including students who failed the 3rd 9wks.
  • By going Pass/Fail, secondary students would lose the entire semester of weighted credit, as rank is pulled from the semester average, which is a huge negative impact for our grades 9-11 students.
  • The NCAA Clearinghouse treats a grade of “Pass” as the lowest possible passing grade. This could put our students who are interested in collegiate athletics at a disadvantage compared to students coming from districts that recorded numerical grades. College courses also look at a “pass” as a “C.”
Education Support Contacts During Closure:
Technology Support (Parents)
For device checkout or student email login information, please see the information at the top of this page or call 361-788-2828.
Elementary Online Learning Resources
  • Imagine Learning Support
    Contact your child's teacher for login information.
    For technical support, contact Imagine Learning, (866) 457-8776.
Middle and High School Online Learning Resources