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Clear Bag Requirements

flyer for a clear bag policy
VISD Clear Bag Procedures for event spectators will go into effect starting with the 2019-2020 school year. This is in accordance with our continued efforts and commitment to improve safety standards for our students, parents and community while enjoying athletic events. 

Fast Facts

  • The VISD Clear Bag Procedure only applies to events held at the Aquatics Center, District Event Center, Memorial Stadium, Patti Welder Stadium, Victoria East Gymnasiums, and Victoria West Gymnasiums.
    • It does not apply to the Fine Arts Center at this time.
  • If an elementary school or middle school uses a stadium, high school gymnasium, Aquatics Center or the District Event Center for an event, the clear bag procedure is still in effect.
  • Small, hand-sized bags that don’t exceed 5.5” by 8.5” in size do not have to be clear.
  • All bags, including clear, cannot exceed 12” by 6” by 12” in size.
  • Clear bags may only have ONE logo, that is not obstructing to contents. Printed or patterned clear bags will NOT be permissible.
  • Exceptions to the size requirements and clear bag procedure only apply to diaper bags, medically necessary items, and media personnel equipment (with valid credentials) that have been thoroughly searched prior to admittance.
  • All bags are subject to be searched.


Does this procedure apply to elementary and middle schools?
No. However, should an elementary or middle school group be using one of the stadiums, high school gyms, Aquatics Center, or the District Event Center, the procedure will be in effect. 

Will my clear bag be checked as well?
Yes, all bags will be inspected at the gate. Having a clear bag will make the inspection process go faster.

Where does the clear-bag procedure apply?
This procedure applies to Victoria East High School gymnasiums, Victoria West High gymnasiums, the District Event Center, Aquatics Center, Memorial Stadium, and Patti Welder Stadium.

What about the Fine Arts Center?
No. At this time the clear-bag procedure does not apply to events held at the District Fine Arts Center. 

What happens if a guest shows up at the gate with a bag that is not permitted?
Guests will not be allowed to enter the venue with a non-conforming bag. Guests will be asked to return items to their vehicle.

Are all purses prohibited?
No. Small clutch purses, with or without a handle or strap, no larger than 5.5" x 8.5" are permitted. Purses larger than this are not permitted.

What about diaper bags?
Exceptions will be made for diaper bags, but will need to be thoroughly checked prior to admittance. Diaper bags will not be allowed for guests without a child present.

Can fans bring stadium seats or chairbacks?
Fans are permitted to bring in their own stadium seats or chairbacks provided the seat does not have any pockets or zippers. 

Why has this bag procedure been adopted?
This is about improving the overall safety of our guests and students. This proactive measure will enhance safety inside and outside the stadiums, gymnasiums, Aquatics Center, and the District Event Center. 

Are other school districts limiting bags?
Yes. In fact, several school districts have also adopted a similar clear-bag procedure including Austin, Judson, Hays, Lake Travis, Comal, and Corpus Christi school districts.

How does the new policy improve public safety?
The clear bag is easily and quickly searched. It also supports the Department of Homeland Security’s "If You See Something, Say Something" campaign.

How many bags may each person bring into the stadium?
One large clear bag -- either a one-gallon clear resealable plastic bag or a 12” x 6” x 12” clear bag -- plus a small clutch. The larger clear bag must be a standard 12” x 6” x 12” made of clear PVC vinyl and visually searchable. The small clutch allows privacy for small personal items and is also easily searched.

Can smartphones, tablets, binoculars or cameras be carried SEPARATELY from the clear bag?
Yes. Phones, cameras or binoculars may be carried in by hand. Cases for these items are not allowed.

If I have special medical equipment I need to have with me at all times, where do I put that?
An exception will be made for medical necessary items after proper inspection at designated areas.

Do I have to put everything I am carrying into a permissible bag?
No. We are limiting only the type of bags carried into the venue, not items that you normally bring to a game. Therefore, you may carry items in your pockets or jacket (keys, makeup, feminine products, comb, phone, wallet, credit cards, etc.) if you choose not to put them in a clear bag or clutch.

Can I bring in a blanket?
Yes, but it will need to be inspected at the gate.