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Texas Performance Standards Project

Texas Performance Standards Project

It is time to begin the 2018-2019 TPSP. Tasks, timelines and calendars for this year's project are listed below. 

Please contact your child’s teacher, campus TPSP coordinator, or the Office of Advanced Academics if you have any questions.

Elementary School Students

TPSP Coordinators
Aloe Elementary - Mancie Beck Chandler Elementary - Ivy Salinas Crain Elementary - Nicole Garza
DeLeon Elementary - Natalie Gerhardt Dudley Elementary - Heather Williams FW Gross Elementary - Dara Pena
Guadalupe Elementary - Jana Lippe Hopkins Elementary -  Mission Valley Elementary - Amanda Thomas
O'Connor Elementary - Russell Stevens Rowland Elementary - Alisha Hernandez Schorlemmer Elementary - Cynthia Rutledge
Shields Elementary - Evelyne Conway Smith Elementary - Megan Slovacek Torres Elementary - Rosanne Resendez-Wagner
Vickers Elementary - Dana Taylor William Wood Elementary - Jana Lippe  

Middle School Students

TPSP Coordinators
Cade Middle School - Genevieve Beyer Patti Welder Middle School - Amando Cantu
Howell Middle School - Anne Schaller Stroman Middle School - Vanessa Cantu

High School Students

TPSP Coordinators

East High School - Nicholas Fabbro   
West High School - Jennilee Swanner  
Liberty Academy - Cheborah Ross