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Vote for Howell Middle School Student, Tavi Schaller, for Pay It Forward Award

Howell Middle School 8th grader Tavi Schaller's project has been nominated for the KAVU/Atzenhoffer Pay it Forward award for March!

This is the Facebook page Tavi has created to raise awareness and promote the awareness walk on April 28th.

Tavi's Story:

My name is Tavi Schaller, and I am an eighth-grade student at Howell Middle School. I was born in Paris, Texas, and moved with my family to Victoria in 2014. My seven-year-old brother, Payne, was diagnosed with autism at age three and has been attending speech and ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy ever since we moved here. He has made remarkable strides and has amazed not only me and my family, but his teachers as well. The past four years have not been easy, but they’ve definitely been worth the effort. I can speak on behalf of my family when I say that God has truly blessed us with Payne.

From the moment Payne was born, I made a promise to myself: I would be the best sister I am capable of being for him. When I found out he had autism, my world completely froze. How could I possibly live up to my word and be enough for him? It’s not as if I can just snap my fingers and make the world a perfect place. Therefore, since I couldn’t make the world perfect for him, I decided to help be his voice as he navigates the world.

My journey began in sixth grade when I was introduced to the Texas Performance Standards Project (TPSP) for the first time. I based my project on autism awareness and have continued to use this for my projects during my seventh and eighth grade years. This year, however, I decided to take TPSP to a whole new level: by providing two fundraisers to raise more awareness in VISD and our community. I am selling autism awareness t-shirts to be worn on April 2nd, National Autism Awareness Day. I am also hosting an autism awareness walk on April 28, 2018. The t-shirts and the walk are two separate fundraisers with all of the proceeds going to VISD’s ABA Program.

I chose for the proceeds to go to the ABA programs in VISD this year because ABA is one of the therapies that has helped Payne so much since we moved to Victoria. I chose to give the proceeds to VISD in order to acknowledge and bring awareness to one of the programs offered by our district to help students on the autism spectrum.

I have made it one of my top priorities to spread awareness for kids with autism by taking on this project, one step at a time.

Please help Tavi win the KAVU/Atzenhoffer Pay it Forward Award by voting for here on the Crossroads Today website!

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