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VISD Symphony Winners

Victoria art students were invited to listen to ten movements of Pictures at an Exhibition and selected one movement to create artwork that was a visual interpretation of the music. An Artist Jury Panel then reviewed the submissions and awarded Best of Show from the high school division to Corbin DeVera, a Victoria West AP art student. 

DeVera will receive a $1,000 scholarship from the University of Houston - Victoria.

The Victoria Symphony will perform Pictures at an Exhibition on Saturday, April 29th at 7:30pm at the VISD Fine Arts Centers. The artwork will be on display at the performance.  Ticket information can be found at

The public was invited to vote for their favorite and selected winners of the “People’s Choice” contest: 


The Great Gate of Kiev                                  Corbin DeVera                  WHS                Sarah Ardner



The Gnome  (Elementary)                              Dresdyn Bartholomew       TES              Fran Edwards

The Gnome  (High School)                             Kaitlyn Dermit                    WHS            Sarah Ardner

The Old Castle                                                Lucy Keith                          TES             Fran Edwards

Tuileries                                                          Drew Garcia                       EHS             Candace Coyle

Cattle                                                              Fiona Fitzgerald                 Stroman       Ronnette Guevara

Ballet of Unhatched Chicks in their Shells      Isa Garza                           TES              Fran Edwards

Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle                Maria Trevizo                     EHS             Candace Coyle

The Marketplace at Limoges                          Daniel Shay                        EHS             Candace Coyle

Catacombs                                                     Aubry Thamm                     EHS             Candace Coyle

The Great Gate of Kiev                                  Corbin DeVera                    WHS            Sarah Ardner



The Gnome  (Elementary)                              Gus Browning                     TES              Fran Edwards

The Gnome  (High School)                             Kaitlyn Dermit                     WHS            Sarah Ardner

The Old Castle                                                Lucy Keith                          TES              Fran Edwards

Tuileries                                                          Drew Garcia                       EHS              Candace Coyle

Cattle                                                              Fiona Fitzgerald                 Stroman        Ronnette Guevara

Ballet of Unhatched Chicks in their Shells      Tara Swor                          TES               Fran Edwards

Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle                Chris Ralston                     WHS             Sarah Ardner

The Marketplace at Limoges                          Daniel Shay                        EHS              Candace Coyle

Catacombs                                                     Aubry Thamm                     EHS              Candace Coyle

The Great Gate of Kiev                                  Corbin DeVera                    WHS             Sarah Ardner

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