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Fun With Recycling Contest

The Fun With Recycling Contest consisted of implementing an activity or game that inspires or encourages students to recycle in your school more often then they normally would.

“My school loves competitions, and for this contest, I had a wonderful idea”, Howell AVID Coordinator, Mrs. Robinlee Pennington, said.

The students would vote on whom they wished to see duct taped to the wall with their recycling – each container brought in would count as a vote! Mrs. Pennington introduced the plan of the contest that would consist of two Assistant Principals and herself.

Mrs. Pennington also teamed up with their Student Success Facilitator to incorporate attendance into the contest. Whichever grade level had the best attendance percentage during the contest dates would get to see the taping live in the gym.

“Needless to say, it was a huge hit!” Mrs. Pennington said. “The contest was held from December 1st - 15th. In the first 2 days we received over 2,000 containers!”

The Assistant Principals had competitive announcements during school to get the kids excited.

“The AP's and I would walk around the lunch room getting the kids fired up by walking around with duct tape,” she said. “The whole school became involved and engaged in this competition.”

The final scores:

  • Assistant Principal Mr. Taylor won with 3,021 containers
  • Avid Coordinator Mrs. Pennington came in second with 2,830 containers
  • Assistant Principal Mrs. Edge came in last with 2,821 containers
  • Grand Total: 8,672 containers collected in 11 days!

Their 6th Graders won the attendance contest with 96.01% attendance rate. Howell Middle School claimed 5th place along with a $500 cash prize.

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