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VEHS Traffic Pattern Changes for Morning Drop-Off, Effective 10/15/19

Beginning the morning of Tuesday, October 15, buses will utilize the visitor parking circle and drop off students at the main campus entrance. Parents will have the option to drop off students at the cafeteria doors in the student parking lot area (as previously done) or drop off in the loop around the employee parking area at the gym doors (previously the bus loop).

This change is for morning drop off only. The traffic pattern for afternoon pick up will remain the same at this time.

Vehicles on Campus

A student has full responsibility for the security and content of his or her vehicle parked on district property and must make certain that it is locked and that the keys are not given to others. [See also the Student Code of Conduct.]Vehicles parked on district property are under the jurisdiction of the district. School officials may search any vehicle any time there is reasonable cause to do so, with or without the permission of the student. If a vehicle subject to search is locked, the student will be asked to unlock the vehicle. If the student refuses, the student’s parent will be contacted. If a search is also refused by the student’s parent, the district will turn the matter over to law enforcement. The district may, in certain circumstances, contact law enforcement even if permission to search is granted.

Pick-up and Drop-Off Procedures:

  • Students may be dropped off in the morning at the cafeteria entrance or the entrance near the employee parking lot.
  • Please utilize the entire unloading area when dropping off students.
  • Students are to be picked up by the cafeteria near the student parking lot after school. (Afternoon procedures will remain the same.)
  • DO NOT drop off or pick up any students in the bus lane (front entrance) nor in the faculty parking lot.
  • DO NOT pick up or drop off any student down the fire lanes in front of the school.  Parking in the fire lane could result in a $100 fine.
  • Students waiting for rides should maintain a safe distance from the parking lot and street.
  • Students are NOT allowed to leave campus (unless permitted as per student schedule) and return unless they have a last period off campus and are returning for tutoring or an extra-curricular activity.
  • Students are not permitted to “jump” any curbs as they exit the parking lot.
  • Students and parents who are picking up or dropping off should follow the flow of traffic as denoted on the map.
  • Parking in prohibited areas or unsafe driving may result in loss of driving privileges on campus.
***Flow of parking lot traffic may change as deemed necessary by administration***
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