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Students Create Living Wax Museum

The Rowland Elementary library came to life with the likes of Elvis Presley, Leonardo DaVinci, Sally Ride, Rosa Parks, Abraham Lincoln, and many more. The living wax museum was part of a learning enrichment opportunity for 5th grade students, organized by reading teacher Camille Miller.

Over the past week, the students worked with librarian Laurie Vogt to research someone of historical significance. Through books and the internet, they discovered details about the person’s life, young and old, and what contributions the person made to our society. "Thomas Edison" said the most interesting part was finding out how modern technology, such as the telephone speaker and light bulb, were discovered. Each student created a display to showcase the information they learned and wrote a short biography to share with others during the living wax museum.

Students dressed as their famous person to bring the museum to life. Fellow students, staff, and campus visitors pressed the hand of each character as a signal to learn more about the famous person being represented. All of the exhibitors confidently spoke in character about the person they were representing. This was certainly a fun, memorable learning opportunity for these 5th graders!

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