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Please fix the highlighted areas below before submitting.

Diploma By Alternative Assessment Request Form

Please complete the Diploma by Alternative Assessment Request form below:

Are you 18 years of age or older?*
Answer Required

Current Contact Information

Mailing Address

Answer Required


Did you earn all required course credits for graduation?*
Answer Required
Did you take the TAKS assessment at least three times in the subject area for which you did not perform satisfactorily?*
Answer Required

Please review and answer the questions below. If you have met any of the criteria below, evidence must be submitted for verification.

I have earned a GED.*
Answer Required
I have attained an industry-recognized post-secondary license or certificate.*
Answer Required
I am currently an active duty armed force member or have been honorably or generally discharged.*
Answer Required
I have successfully completed college-level coursework and earned college credit.*
Answer Required
I have met the performance standard on an alternative assessment such as the ACT/SAT/TSI (see list below for reference).*
Answer Required
  1. Grade in each course in the subject areas applicable to the assessments on which the individual has not performed satisfactorily;
  2. Score on each assessment instrument on which the individual has failed to perform satisfactorily;
  3. Performance on any projects or work samples in the subject areas applicable to the assessments on which the individual has not performed satisfactorily (including any projects or work samples identified and assigned by the Local Graduation committee to be completed by the individual);
  4. Participation in offered remediation;
  5. Attendance rate;
  6. Transcript of course work;
  7. Completion of career and technical education program courses; or
  8. Any other academic, work, or life experience determined to be relevant by the Local Graduation Committee.