Victoria Independent School District

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A Message from the Superintendent

Dear VISD Family Member,
Each and every day in the VISD, we are faced with a series of great opportunities disguised as difficult situations. We identify these opportunities as defining moments. Defining moments form us and help inform others about who we are and what we stand for. The insight gained from embracing these moments provide us with the knowledge and expertise to make the right decisions and to move forward as a school district. The recent non-passage of our 2017 Bond Election is a wonderful example of a defining moment.
Upon visiting with many individuals this morning, we learned that we must do a much better job of informing our community about the issues we face as a school district, and we must provide more opportunities for our community members to be involved in the decision making process. It was also clearly evident that the timing of the Bond after Hurricane Harvey was a concern. We will take the messages received from our community and increase opportunities for involvement as we plan for the future of the VISD.
Please remember, in the VISD, the doors of wisdom, success, and opportunity are never closed. As a school district and as individuals, we choose to continue to work together as we meet our challenges positively, with hope, determination and great expectations. We are dedicated to student and staff safety, teacher quality, enhancing classroom support and accelerating student achievement. We also believe that great school districts must care as much about values as they do about victory, as much about purpose as they do about profit and as much about being effective as they do about being successful. In the VISD, we choose to uphold these values and stand ready to embrace this responsibility.
It has been said that we should not limit our challenges, but instead challenge our limits. On behalf of our Board of Trustees and the entire school district, thank you to all of those who stood in support of the 2017 VISD Bond Proposal.
We are and remain #VISDProud and #VISDStrong
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